Альманах Института коррекционной педагогики - Almanac #2
ALMANAC Institute of Special Education

The early age

The early age

Rehabilitation Through Means of Education Should Begin from the First Months of Life

N.N. Malofeev
The urgency of the earliest possible start of rehabilitation of children with identified disabilities is shown. The situation with early rehabilitation in Russia is correlated with the situation in Western civilization, it is related to the current stage of society attitude towards people with disabilities and to the international documents approved in our country. A brief survey of researches conducted by the Institute of Special Education on early detection of disabilities and early special corrective actions is also given.
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Problems of Venous insufficiency of Infants

T.F. Kostina
The article is devoted to the neurological study of disturbed blood circulation in the CNS of babies. The data of echoencephalography examination of infants group are given.
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Pedagogical Aspect of Hearing Testing in children of the First 3 Years of Life

T.V. Pelymskaya, N.D. Shmatko
The paper describes pedagogical methods of hearing testing of the early age children. It’s shown that the method of testing which allows detection of three levels of hearing loss: impairment, profound impairment and deafness, depends on the age of children.
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Early Diagnostics of Mental Retardation

E.A. Strebeleva
The article presents a series of diagnostic tasks for identifying intellectual disorders in children of the early age. After examination of 200 children of the third year of life, according to the results of the procedure four groups of children were identified depending on success and ways the tasks were accomplished.
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On the Problem of Early Detection and Correction of Speech Development Disorders of Children

G.V. Chirkina
The article shows the importance of early detection of disorders in development of speech activity in children with intact intellectual premises and normal hearing; the results of research on the investigation of early speech development of children and working out of guidelines in Moscow nurseries are given.
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Assistance in Raising a Child with Particular Emotional Development. Primary Preschool Age

E.R. Baenskaya
The article shows importance of the emotional well-being assessment of an early age child. It lists a wide range of difficulties of emotional development that are correlated with the concepts of available level of the child’s affective adaptation and his “emotional age”.
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On the Use of Domestic and Foreign Methods of diagnostics of Psychomotor development as Tools for Early detection of Possible Development Aberrations. Controversial Aspects of the Problem

J.A. Razenkova
In the article there are discussed the use of domestic and foreign methods of diagnostics of psychomotor development as tools for early detection of possible aberrations in children development. The advantages of certain methods are discussed alongside with the validity of use of different methodologies, comparability of results obtained with the use of different diagnostic scales of children development.
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The Data Analysis of Clinical and Psycho-pedagogical Study of Children of the Early Age Consulted at the Advisory and Diagnostic Centre ICP RAE

Z.M. Dunayeva, L.I. Rostyagaylova
The authors analyze the flow of children who have been consulted at the Diagnostic Center in Institute of Special Education since1994. The statistics of the reasons for consultations and of detected diagnoses is cited. Emphasis is made on the need of complex diagnostics of children within the scope of counseling.
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