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Cochlear implantation: new research by doctors, psychologists, educators

Cochlear implantation: new research by doctors, psychologists, educators

3R-rehabilitation: new professional skills

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova
The article shows, that the method of «3R-rehabilitation» of a family and a child with CI is based on a new interpretaion of the subject of professional activity, its content, guidelines, pedagogical tools, criteria for assessing achievements. For the first time, the professional skills, necessary for successful 3R-rehabilitation, are described. The necessity of revising the ideas and skills, formed in the process of professional training, retraining, advanced training of specialists in the psychological and pedagogical profile, has been substantiated.
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Hereditary causes of hearing impairment in children using the cochlear implant system

T.G. Markova, V.V. Bakhshinyan, A.A. Moshenskiy, M.V. Goikhburg, S.S. Chibisova
The article studies the hereditary causes of hearing impairment in children with cochlear implants. The significance of genetic tests for a reasonable prognosis of the effectiveness of cochlear implantation and previous psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation is shown.
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Interaction between the audiologist and the teacher of the deaf children during the speech processor settings

V.V. Bakhshinyan, A.I. Sataeva
The article presents the first clinical experience of testing a new method of tuning a speech processor and cochlear implant with the new Nucleus Fitting Software - NFS. The necessity of interaction between the teacher of the deaf children and the audiologist in the process of adjusting the speech processor of the cochlear implant has been substantiated; the effectiveness of the method of facilitating the adjustment of the speech processor for widespread implementation in clinical practice has been proved.
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Mothers' experience of rehabilitating a deaf child after cochlear implantation

A.V. Budantsov, A.N. Molostova
The article presents the part of results of qualitative research on mothers' experience of stages of cochlear implantation (the stage of rehabilitation). On this stage, we have highlighted key features of the experience and factors hampering or facilitating the process. We revealed that parents whose children go through cochlear implantation are highly traumatized, the trauma is especially related to the stages of diagnosis establishment and rehabilitation, the latter of which is linked with expectations of positive results of this gradual process.
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Pilot study of parents notions about rehabilitation of children after cochlear implantation

D.D. Afanasieva, O.A. Krasilnikova
The article presents the results of a pilot study of the ideas of parents of children with CI about their rehabilitation, the role of the family, and possible achievements of the child after CI. The discrepancy between the modern achievements of high-tech medicine in combination with the newest method of 3R-rehabilitation of children with CI and the ideas of parents is shown, the need for literature for them is substantiated, its tasks and directions are highlighted.
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Reactions to everyday sounds of children with CI studying in a school for the hearing impaired

J.V. Motovilova, O.A. Krasilnikova
The article presents the results of a pilot study of individual characteristics of the auditory behavior of younger schoolchildren with CI, data from the analysis of the protocols of more than 150 observations in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Evidence has been obtained for the need for postoperative rehabilitation for the transition of a child with CI to the auditory behavior characteristic of normally hearing peers.
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Research study of special teacher’s concepts about cochlear implantation

I.V. Divnikova
The article presents the results of a pilot study of the concepts of the teachers for the deaf about cochlear implantation, methods of rehabilitation, their professional competence in the field of special pedagogical assistance to a new category of children with CI.
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