Альманах Института коррекционной педагогики - Almanac #16
ALMANAC Institute of Special Education

How to make visible the latent problems in children’s development

How to make visible the latent problems in children’s development

Life experience of a child: systematization and generalization. Seasons

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova, T.K. Korolevskaya
The article describes the first part of the educational software “The World through Your Window”, which is necessary for the children with disabilities, who has difficulties to distinguish essential things from unessential, to systematize and generalize, to establish relations in the natural phenomena and their own lifestyle, to describe their personal impressions, observations and activities connected with their surrounding world phenomena and people’s life. There are presented the goals, advantages of the software application, methodological recommendations are given in the article.
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Perception and information processing. Comparison of assessments and opinions in communication. Discussing the weather.

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova, T.K. Korolevskaya
The second part of the software “The World Through Your Window” devoted to the weather is described in the article. There are pointed out possibilities of development of the cognitive and social-emotional spheres with the help of the software. The teachers work with the software support with children in pairs and in a group is considered.
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Solving everyday tasks: search for changing guidelines. Dressing, according to the weather

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova, T.K. Korolevskaya
The third part of the software covers children's development of notions about clothes and dressing, according to the weather. The authors give particular attention to overprotection that often surrounds children with disabilities. The article contains a brief description of exercises with use of the program aimed at socialization of the child, formation of the ability to make decisions in everyday situations, according to the age.
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Text reading as a source of necessary information: intelligent reading. Stories about the seasons.

E.L. Goncharova, O.I. Kukushkina, T.K. Korolevskaya
The article is devoted to a software aimed at developing the skills of intelligent reading in primary school pupils (mainstream and special). There is described the structure of the software, its parts, units, sections, separate exercises. There is a Text Library for the each part of the software.
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Development of mental operations: beginning to organize and classify. Learning and assimilating the calendar.

E.L. Goncharova, T.K. Korolevskaya, O.I. Kukushkina
The article covers computer software “Calendar” which helps the teacher to diagnose the child's level of the familiarity with the calendar and proceed with learning the calendar. It presents exercises allowing the child to go gradually from visual representations to verbal descriptions of various temporal relations, from the simplest wording to learning a number of synonyms meaning the same time relations.
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