Альманах Института коррекционной педагогики - Almanac #6
ALMANAC Institute of Special Education

The early age

The early age

The Ways of Special Correctional Work with the Children of the First Year of Life at Orphanage. Methodological Recommendations. Part 1.

J.A. Razenkova
Methodological recommendations disclose general developing and special approaches to work with 0 - 1 year old risk-group children at child's home; contain generalization of results of psychological-and-pedagogical examination of development specificities of orphan children of the first year of life in the process of results-oriented correctional assistance. The first and second special correctional work stages are presented in the article.
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Content of Individual Programs for Development of Infants with Special Needs at the Orphanage

J.A. Razenkova
The article describes general approaches to content planning of individual programs for development of 0 - 1 year old risk-group children. The purpose and tasks, which are solved by means of the individual program, are presented; possible versions of the individual programs and general algorithm of their planning are presented.
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Sociocultural Contexts of Psychological Investigations of Development Aberrations Supporting Tables

E.L. Goncharova
The publication presents a manual devoted to the history of domestic and European special psychology and pedagogigs. There are used a periodization concerning the evolution of attitude of the state and society to disabled people and a periodization of development of special education national systems which have been worked out by N.N. Malofeev.
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