Альманах Института коррекционной педагогики - Almanac #8
ALMANAC Institute of Special Education

Interaction with the family upbringing the child with developmental problems

Interaction with the family upbringing the child with developmental problems

Family Education of the Child of the Early Age with a Complex Sensory or Multiple Disorder

T.A. Basilova
The article describes typical difficulties of the family upbringing of the early age child with sensory disorders. The emphasis is made on the necessity of timely professional advice, there are described important ways of emotional contact maintenance between the child and his/her parents and their joint activity.
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Psychological Care for the Child of the Early age with a Tendency to Infantile Autism Formation: Joint Work of Professionals and Parents

O.S. Arshatskaya
The paper analyzes stages and results of special psycho-corrective work with children of the early age with signs of trouble in emotional development. There is given a detailed description of changes concerning all lines of mental development in children as a result of timely psycho-corrective assistance.
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New Approaches to Help Families Raising Problem Children of the Early Age

E.I. Morozova
The article highlights the issues of preparing of 1.5-3-year-old children for a day-care centre attendance or systematic training in special correctional advisory groups; contact establishment between the adult and the early age child in adaptation period; as well as organization of communication between parents and problem small children at home. Author’s recommendations are especially relevant for children with emotional and intellectual impairments, as well as for those with sensory and motor disorders.
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Psycho-pedagogical Work of the Pedagogue and Speech Pathologist with the Mother in Special care Nursery for Small-for-date Newborns

O.B. Polovinkina
The article describes new organizational forms for delivery of psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents raising children of the first year of life with organic lesion of the central nervous system. There analyzed typical positions of parents and the emphasis is made on the importance of timely special correctional work in order to improve intra-family climate.
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Results of the Study of Maternal Attitude to the Early age Children with Down Syndrome

I.A. Sergeyev
The paper describes results of the pilot study of maternal attitude to children of the early age with Down syndrome. Two scenarios of attitude are shown: with positive and negative attitude to the child with Down syndrome. Correlation between the sign of emotional maternal attitude to the child and value content of motherhood is discussed, as well as relation to the level of child development and means and ways of his communication.
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On the Children's Whims

A.O. Drobinskaya
The article of the children’s neuropsychiatrist is devoted to behavioral difficulties of the early age children which disturb parents so often (“moodiness”, “spoilt children” etc.). The author analyzes these manifestations in terms of affection theory, in connection with specific mother-child relationship, and identifies three types of behavioral disorders.
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Some Aspects of Psychological Study of Pregnancy: from Practice Analysis to Research Designing

E.B. Ayvazyan, L.E. Aronova, N.A. Uryadnitskaya
The paper is dedicated to diagnostics of maternal attitude during pregnancy. It analyzes work programs of prenatal centers in terms of distinguished motivation levels of pregnant women. There is made a conclusion about necessity of psychological work with the pregnant included into groups of social and medical risk.
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