Альманах Института коррекционной педагогики - Almanac #9
ALMANAC Institute of Special Education

In commemoration of the 80th birthday of K.S, Lebedinskaya

In commemoration of the 80th birthday of K.S, Lebedinskaya

Problems of Anomalous Mental Constitution in Childhood

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The paper is devoted to clinical analysis of the term “psychopathy”. Special attention is paid to etiology of psychopathy and relationship between anomalous mental constitution and mental illness.
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Clinical Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological Analysis of Mental Development Anomalies in Children with Symptoms of “Minimal Cerebral Dysfunction”

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The article compares damage and underdevelopment of mental functions as two kinds of mental development anomalies. The application of clinical and neuropsychological and electrophysiological examination methods of children with mentioned developmental disabilities is given.
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Clinical Psychological Analysis of Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents (First Report)

K.S. Lebedinskaya
This paper summarizes experience of clinical and psychological investigations of behavioral disorders during puberty, expands the results of the long-term complex investigations which have been carried out by the Institute of Defectology since 1975.
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Clinical Psychological Analysis of Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents (Second Report). SYNDROME OF MENTAL INSTABILITY

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The paper analyzes manifestations of mental instability in adolescents. The author provides a detailed report on her own study of “difficult” teenagers group, namely students of Moscow mainstream schools. Anamneses, clinical, neurophysiological and clinical and psychological data are compared, the role of etiological factors in occurrence of the syndrome is analyzed.
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Clinical Psychological Analysis of Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents (Third Report). AFFECTIVE IRRITABILITY SYNDROME

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The paper describes the structure of behavioral disorders in adolescents with prevalence of affective irritability. It analyzes published data, provides detailed results of the study of affective irritability syndrome in 29 “difficult” teenagers attending Moscow mainstream schools.
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Clinical Psychological Analysis of Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents (Fourth Report). INCLINATIONS DISINHIBITION SYNDROME

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The article making part of the publication series is devoted to adolescents with predominance of inclination disinhibition. This group is classified by the author as the most difficult of the studied groups of adolescents with behavioral disorders.
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Mental Development Characteristics of Autistic Children of the First Two Years of Life

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The article describes symptoms of autistic development manifested at the early age, on the first and second years of life. There are described in detail characteristics of all sides of mental development of these children, including perception, motor skills and speech. Early manifestations of poor contact and stereotypy formation in autistic children are described in full. There are also described early signs of formation of four qualitatively different types of autistic dysontogenesis.
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Problems of Differential Diagnostics

K.S. Lebedinskaya
The paper is devoted to the problem of differential diagnosis of EIA: it presents differential diagnostic features that distinguish autistic dysontogenesis from such clinical categories as neuropathy, residual-organic pathology, mental retardation, speech disorders.
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Drug Therapy of Early Infantile Autism

K.S. Lebedinskaya
A general historical background on the approaches to drug EIA correction in foreign and domestic psychiatry is provided. The paper describes tasks of drug therapy of autistic developmental disorders, therapeutic intervention “targets”, possible complications in treatment prescription for autistic children and side effects of such treatment. A separate section analyzes the family role in the child care.
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