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Cochlear implantation. What kind of rehabilitation a child needs after CI?

Cochlear implantation. What kind of rehabilitation a child needs after CI?
The proposed issue of the Almanac continues to publish materials on the topic of cochlear implantation (CI) - the most effective modern method of help with deafness, allowing a deaf person to gain full perception of the world and people's speech, which opens the possibility to change fundamentally the development potential of children with the most severe hearing impairments, with congenital and early acquired deafness. Everything that the reader learns from this issue about children with CI, they learn from the original source: the authors of the articles are surgeons-pioneers of using this high-tech medical method in Russia, psychologists and teachers of the deaf who developed the rehabilitation method of successfully operated children — "Initial period -rehabilitation", allowing all of them to fully realize the opportunities and move to the path of natural development, typical for hearing children

When and why the practice of cochlear implantation arises?

N.N. Malofeev
Readers of the article will be able to see the tape of time, where the evolution of the relationship between the state and society with children with disabilities of physical and mental development is presented in interrelation, as well as the history of the emergence and development of hearing aids and methods of teaching people with hearing disorders in the cultural and legal context
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History of cochlear implantation

G.A. Tavarkiladze
Today, cochlear implants are used by more than 8000 patients in our country. You can read in this article about the research and development of scientists from different countries and different fields of science that have made a significant contribution to the overall success of the method of cochlear implantation
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Cochlear implants of new generation

V.V. Bahshinyan
In this detailed review, you can get acquainted with the new generation of implants of Cochlear Company: the flagship of the line of Nucleus 6 speech processors for children and adults and the Kanso speech processor for older people. Their capabilities open up new horizons for the rehabilitation of a child, teenager and adults with CI, for parents and professionals
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Why one can not do without psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation of a child after CI?

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova
Through the performed operation and connection of the speech processor, a child with cochlear implants is already able to perceive sounds, but he continues to behave as a deaf person in private life, relying on the skills and habits formed earlier in conditions of severe hearing impairment. As a result of more than two decades of interdisciplinary research, a new type of rehabilitation was proposed, named "IP Rehabilitation". For the first time, the purpose of surdopedagogics is not to approximate, but to transfer the child from CI to the development of the hearing
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Basic provisions of "3П-Rehabilitation" and differences from "Hearing-Speech Rehabilitation"

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova
The article introduces the main provisions of the "3П-Rehabilitation" of children with CI. It is an integral system approach aimed at transferring the child with CI to the path of natural development of hearing child. It means launching point natural development of perception communication and speech. The article reflects on systemic differences "3П-Rehabilitation" from "Hearing -Speech Rehabilitation"
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Technology for restructuring the interaction of the child with the family on a new sensory basis

A.I. Sataeva
The article presents the technology for restructuring the parents' interaction with their child with CI on a new sensory basis. The sequential steps of reconstruction are described. The «3П-rehabilitation» experience of parents of children with CI are given. The indicators of the transition from stage to stage, depending on the successes of children and parents, are considered
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Effectiveness of "3П-Rehabilitation"

A.I. Sataeva
The results of "3П-Rehabilitation" of 90 children with CI and their families are analyzed and summarized. The results of empirical research are offered to the attention of readers
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Communicative skills of children with CI who have not completed or have not rehabilitation. The results of the empirical study

A.S. Lukina, O.A. Krasil'nikova, S.V. Il'yushina
The article describes the results of the study of communicative skills in younger schoolchildren with cochlear implants, studying at schools for the deaf and hard of hearing. The subject of attention are the processes: speech communication; cooperation in the organization of a joint work; transferring information based on the texts read and creation of a story based on the picture / series of pictures. There revealed the reasons for weaker communicative skills of implanted children, who had no post-operative rehabilitation and are trained in the environment of hearing impaired people
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The parents' view of "3П-Rehabilitation"

10 stories of difficult and long-awaited victories over hearing loss of children and their parents after cochlear implantation, stories and diary entries of mothers and fathers who took a responsible decision and received the expected result together with professional specialist - doctors, psychologists, teachers of the deaf
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