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Almanac #46 " Herzen University: new research in defectology"

Features of Temporal Representations in Preschoolers with Severe Speech Impairments

S.J. Kondratieva Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
V.A. Kalyagin Herzen State Pedagogical University, St.Petersburg, St. Petersburg
A.V. Petrova Herzen State Pedagogical University, St.Petersburg, St.Petersburg

The subject of the study was the specific features and violations of time perceptions in preschoolers with severe speech impairments (TSP) in the context of their influence on the predisposition of these children to dyscalculia.

The article presents and analyzes the results of a comparative search-ascertaining experiment, which assumed that children perform tasks of a diagnostic technique aimed at identifying in preschoolers with speech impairments the specific features of time perceptions concerning individual time intervals and the reflection of generally accepted time standards in speech. It is stated that children with TNR of senior preschool age are at the initial stage of the formation of their time perceptions, they hardly master the ability to coordinate and subordinate their movements to speech, rhythmic and visual instructions, experience significant difficulties in identifying cause-effect relationships and time perceptions in the process of composing a story on a series of plot pictures.

These negative features are one of the essential factors that determine the predisposition to dyscalculia, taking into account the need to search for and implement such forms of work to prevent this disorder, which should be correlated with the psychological structure of the process of mastering mathematics and the type of dysontogenesis of students.

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