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Almanac 50 · Issue #4 · 2022

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Hearing loss and deafness – global problem of the modern health care

Tavarkiladze G.A.
Aim: To discuss recommendations of the World Report on Hearing and World Health Assembly Resolution on prevention of hearing loss and deafness and prioritize the ear and hearing care. Results and Discussion: The results on prevalence of hearing loss and near-term prognosis are analyzed. In accordance with the WHO recommendations it is stressed that all people with hearing loss must have the approach to affordable and effective rehabilitation during the life-span. These approaches include hearing screening and early intervention prevention and management of ear diseases and hearing loss, access to modern hearing technologies, development of the rehabilitation services, improved communication, safe listening and active involvement of the society. Conclusion: The target indicators for the professional society and the national health systems are provided.
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The features of psychical development of children with autism

Vedenina M.Y., Nikolskaya O.S.
The article describes disorders of different sides of psychical development in autism, which have been presented in the researches in the last 50 years. There are noted basal energy insufficiency, activity disorders and extraordinary sensitivity of autistic children to the environment al irritants. Disorders in the cognitive sphere and in the social development, regulatory dysfunctions in autism, their relations with basal deficiency are analysed in detail.
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The Modern Stage in the Development of the System of Special Education in Russia: Investigation Findings as a Basis of Construction of Development Program

Malofeev N.N.
There are analyzed the features of the current condition of the system of special education in Russia according to the phases of the society attitude towards disabled people and the peculiarities of the systems development of special education in the European countries. According to the author the further development of the system should follow not a revolutionary but the evolutionary way.
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