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Almanac #45 "30 years of cochlear implantation in Russia"

Hearing loss and deafness – global problem of the modern health care

G.A. Tavarkiladze National Recearch Centre For Audiology And Hearing Rehabilitation. Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Moscow

Aim: To discuss recommendations of the World Report on Hearing and World Health Assembly Resolution on prevention of hearing loss and deafness and prioritize the ear and hearing care. Results and Discussion: The results on prevalence of hearing loss and near-term prognosis are analyzed. In accordance with the WHO recommendations it is stressed that all people with hearing loss must have the approach to affordable and effective rehabilitation during the life-span. These approaches include hearing screening and early intervention prevention and management of ear diseases and hearing loss, access to modern hearing technologies, development of the rehabilitation services, improved communication, safe listening and active involvement of the society. Conclusion: The target indicators for the professional society and the national health systems are provided.

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