For Authors

Almanac of the Institute of Special Education is a scientific network journal. Since 2000 The Almanac has been publishing articles and materials of the leading professionals in the field of special education and special psychology on the questions of study, educating and upbringing of children with all kinds of developmental disorders. The current issue is a reliable methodical and information support for the specialists, parents and social organizations. All publications are free available.

For Authors

The articles that are sent to the edition should reflect the results of modern theoretical or applied researches in the field of special psychology or special pedagogy, should present an original work, which hasn’t been published earlier. Images, graphs, video and audio materials can be applied to the article. It is available to send materials to the edition by filling in the special form in the Edition Website. In case if the author presents the English language version of the article it will be published with Russian language version of the article simultaneously.

Article Formatting

Manuscripts are presented according to the requirements to the article formatting. The editorship has the right to decline or send back the formatted properly manuscripts for being reworked.

The articles Reviewing

After receiving the manuscripts by the editorial board the article is checked up in terms of accordance to the articles formatting requirements and thematic concepts of the journal. In case of the lack of correspondence of the manuscript to the requirements the author is informed within 14 calendar days.

In case of accordance to the requirements the manuscript is sent to the reviewers (the reviewers are the editorial board members, and engaged specialists in the field of special pedagogy and special psychology).

The review period is 2-2.5 months, the way - the "blind method". The review provides an overall assessment of the article (it may be recommended for publication, it may be recommended for being reworked, it may be recommended for being declined) and observations are formulated (or arguments in support of the article publication refusal ).

The arguments in support of the publication refusal can be both essential lacks of the research (for example, gross errors in the experimental plan, inadequate statistical processing), as well as significant lacks in the text of the article (eg, serious violations of the logical sequence of the text, the absence of necessary sections).

The editors reserve the right to reject articles without review in the following cases:

- the low scientific level of the articles

- the lack of accordance to the format , profile or the Editions concept.

If the reviewer recommends in his report to rework the manuscript - the author has the opportunity to sent the revised version, which is re-routed for review.

If the author fails to take into account and rework the reviewer ‘s comments properly in the edited version of the manuscript - the article is rejected.

The decision to publish or decline a manuscript is accepted only by the editorial board.

Reviews are kept by the reviewers and are available to be presented on the Publisher request or Editorial board within 5 years. Editorial board undertakes for making arrangements to refer the reviews copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case of the corresponding inquiry application to the editors.

The contract with the author

Authors of the accepted for publication manuscripts conclude the contract (a public offer) to place their materials in the thematic issues of the network issues of "Almanac of the Institute of Special Education" (a public offer)

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