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ALMANAC Institute of Special Education
Almanac #43 "Digitital training tools"

Digital instruments in professional teacher training

V.V. Grinshkun Moscow City University, Moscow

Modern digital technologies play a double role in the teacher training system. On the one hand, the use of digital tools can affect the effectiveness of such training. On the other hand, the quality of work of future teachers largely depends on the level of mastering the techniques of subsequent professional activity in the context of using digital technologies. The article discusses the problems and possible prospects for the integrated use of digital tools in both cases, when they act as an object for study and a means of teaching in the preparation of students of pedagogical specialties of universities. The need to find approaches to the interconnected and justified application of digital technologies is emphasized. The article substantiates the mutual influence of the quality of educational e-resources and the effectiveness of complex informatization of pedagogical education.

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