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Cochlear Implantation: Starting Rehabilitation Stage

Cochlear Implantation: Starting Rehabilitation Stage
The issue of the Almanac continues publication of the materials developing the topic of the special help to a child after cochlear implantation. Comprehensive realization of high-technology medicine achievements requires highlighting new (not formulated obviously till now) tasks of special help to the child. This issue covers determination of these tasks and describing the new approach to rehabilitation of a child with cochlear implantation, developed in the Institute for Remedial Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education. The task of correctional help of the professional and the family is transition of the child to the way of "normal" development when their aural perception becomes naturally a part of their emotional communication and new aural impressions are comprehended by the child during their common/shared experience and become significant and functionally definite for them.

"The initial point" of new aural abilities and spontaneous development of the child's speech after cochlear implantation

O.I. Kukushkina, E.L. Goncharova
The article presents theoretical substantiation of a change of the existing ideas about the purposes and the content of the professional's work with the child after cochlear implantation. There is considered the initial point of new aural abilities and spontaneous development of the child's speech after multichannel cochlear implantation.
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Normal affective development of a child: During the first year of life

E.R. Baenskaya
The article gives an idea of the most significant phenomena and stages of the child's affective development during the first year of their life, whose content is considered as a gradual formation of the common/shared experience of the child with their close adult; the significance of the shared experience in development of the psychical functions, activity and achievements of the child during their interaction with the environment is analyzed.
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The initial stage of rehabilitation of the child with cochlear implantation: Four work sessions of the teacher of the deaf

A.I. Sataeva
The article considers the initial stage of rehabilitation of a child after cochlear implantation. Four work sessions of the teacher of the deaf at the initial rehabilitation stage are presented for the first time; their tasks, content and the indicators of completion of the each session and the stage as a whole are presented.
Read article   KeywordsDeaf, dialogue, comprehensive sensory basis of dialogue, emotional interaction with relatives, understanding of speech, spontaneous development of speech.

Characterizing the readiness of children with cochlear implantation for school education, depending on completeness of the "initial" rehabilitation stage

V.E. Bubareva, E.L. Indenbaum
The article presents the results of the comparative experimental and psychological investigation of components of psychological readiness for school education, depending on completeness of the "initial" stage of rehabilitation of the children with cochlear implantation. The importance of the speech development level before the hearing loss and the deafness duration for going through the "initial" rehabilitation stage was confirmed during the study. It was determined that if the "initial" rehabilitation stage has not been completed, the child demonstrates an insufficient psychological readiness for school education and essential difficulties in development of their natural speech and communication.
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School age children with cochlear implantation: Four development histories

M.R. Khaidarpashich, E.V. Zeldina, A.I. Sataeva
The article presents successful and unsuccessful development variants of the children after cochlear implantation. By giving examples of the real children's cases, a very important range of distinctions in the children's development after the implantation is presented: from achievement of the high age norm and the ability to study at the main stream school as an equal with hearing peers to a serious lagging behind of not only age norm, but also of the development level of specially educated deaf peers. It is demonstrated that incompleteness of the initial rehabilitation stage after cochlear implantation makes impossible development of the child as a hearing one and their comprehensive socialization impossible.
Read article   KeywordsDeafness, hearing impairment, initial rehabilitation stage, transition to the way of natural development of communication and speech, normal development level, prospects of approach the age norm

Cochlear implantation services for children of deaf parents

A. Leonhardt / Source: Defectology. - 2014. - № 2.
The article describes the experience of cochlear implantation (CI) centers in Germany and also some results of the pilot investigation in the field of studying of the cochlear implantation centers' patients, conducted in the University of Munich.
Read article   KeywordsChildren with hearing disorders, deaf parents of children with hearing disorders, cochlear implantation, Germany, pilot study.