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Children with traumatic brain injury. An interdisciplinary team of experts in rehabilitation: the interaction of physicians, educators and psychologists

Children with traumatic brain injury. An interdisciplinary team of experts in rehabilitation: the interaction of physicians, educators and psychologists
Modern medicine has enormous potential to support patients with traumatic brain injury: from surgical and medical to psychological and pedagogical. And if a doctor previously tried to understand the intricacies of the damaged brain and related consequences, nowadays, a whole team of professionals, such as doctors, psychologists, educators, bit by bit restores the patient's capabilities, based on the potential of its mental activity in cooperation with the immediate environment.

Traumatic brain injury in children: social and epidemiological features and quality of life

S.A. Valiyllina
The article presents epidemiological evidence of traumatic brain injury, social and epidemiological features of traumatic brain injury of children in Moscow (by the example of the Reasearch Institute of Emergency Paediatric Surgery and Traumatology). It is shown that Moscow is the region with high morbidity and low mortality referring to childish TBI. The article deals with the socio-demographic portrait of a child with a traumatic brain injury as an important instrument in resolving the problems of traumatic brain injuries in general. The article also presents the quality of life indicator of children with TBI, based on a subjective evaluation of physical, psychological and social well-being.
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Early neurorehabilitation of children with severe traumatic brain injury

N.A. Mamontova, G.B. Semenova, S.A. Valiyllina
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of severe neurological and mental disorders of children requiring long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Every year in Russia more than 270 thousand of children suffer from a brain injury, more than 100 thousand of children are hospitalized, 1500 of children die, and more than 5000 become disabled. Improving the quality of diagnostics, improving resuscitation procedure, introducing of low-trauma neurosurgery methods increase the proportion of patients who survived after severe brain injuries stimulating to maximally pay attention to outcome prediction, and optimize the early approaches to the rehabilitation of children with severe TBI.
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Children with severe traumatic brain injury ... or one day at hospital

A.V. Zakrepina
In the article there are published progress notes made by speech pathologist teacher on work at hospital, where the children with severe traumatic brain injury are rehabilitated and undergo treatment. For the purpose of facilitating to the reader the understanding of work specifics, there are presented a few clinical cases with brief information about the children (pre-injury) and a description of the specific methods of explaining the meaning of their use in the process of establishing accessible for a child interaction with an adult. The article will be useful not only for specialists. Understanding the others and the possibility of feasible help in a difficult situation - it is a moment of truth for any person.
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Early stage of pedagogical work with relatives of the child, who suffered from severe brain injury (from the experience of the teacher in the sphere of special education)

M.V. Bratkova
The article describes the experience of educational assistance to children with neurosurgical pathology (postnatal brain infections, traumas, intoxication, encephalopathy). The author deals with the initial phase of the work, by describing in detail the interaction of the speech pathologist teacher with parents and gives specific examples.
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Features of aphasic disorders of children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury

N.V. Borisova, A.I. Tutukina, T.G. Vizel'
The article deals with the symptoms of aphasia of children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury. There are considered the similarities and differences between aphasic manifestations of children and adults. A clinical example of clinical speech therapist work with the 4 years old patient is presented.
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Stages of neuropsychological support of children in the early period of recovery after severe traumatic brain injury

E.V. Fufaeva
The article is devoted to the role of the neuropsychologist in the recovery process of children after severe traumatic brain injury. The objective of neuropsychological support of the patient depends on the course of neurotrauma, level of mental activity recovery and rehabilitation purposes with the interdisciplinary form of work with the patient. The article considers the main features of neuropsychological support at the each stage of mental activity recovery of children after severe traumatic brain injury.
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Psychological perspective on the interaction of "parent-doctor" in the early stages of the recovery of children with severe disability

V.I. Bikova, E.A. Lvova, V.I. Lukyanov
The article presents the data of psychological research devoted to the study of adult cohort (including parents) caring for a child with brain trauma at hospital during rehabilitation. There is presented the analysis of participation and parents’ proneness to conflict in a situation of trauma; there are described different forms of communication of close to the child adults with specialists, there are indicated the risks of interaction between all participants in the child's rehabilitation.
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Psychological and psychiatric care for children with severe spinal cord injury

E.A. Lvova, Yu.G. Sidneva
The article shows that the recovery after a serious spinal cord injury has some peculiarities for children. Joint psychological and psychiatric support for children at an early stage of rehabilitation will allow to timely conduct a differentiated assessment of the emotional and motivational disturbances with development of tactics of management and treatment of patients after neurotrauma.
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